Welcome aboard the Stellar Flare!

Welcome aboard the Stellar Flare!

The Butcher of Serenity Valley…

That’s what they called me on the Cortex after I was arrested, accused of a crime I didn’t commit. My name is Colton Locke, I was once an alliance soldier, ordered to guard the few Browncoat survivors we’d managed to catch after their leaders gave up on them. Things were going well while we waited for transport to a penal station, that was until he arrived.

General Darian Balthasar, a monster in a soldier’s uniform. To some, he’s a hero that quashed the Independents in every battle he led. To others, he’s a psychopath willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to achieve his goals. He tortured the prisoners under my charge in the hopes it would get him the enemy intel that would ensure he’d get another promotion. When all they gave up was information the Alliance already knew, he slaughtered them. One by one.

When word got back to Alliance command that POW’s had died needlessly, a scapegoat was needed. I was beaten, cuffed and accused of Balthasar’s war crimes. After a joke of a trial, I was stripped of my rank and sentenced to spend the rest of my life aboard New Alcatraz penal station in orbit of Osiris. My wife, Katie, had our marriage dissolved after the verdict and along with our daughter, Maya, sold off our property and left for parts unknown.

Balthasar thought he could silence me in prison, he paid off prisoners and guards to kill me. I’ve spent the last 6 years fighting for my life. Then one day, the Warden paid me a visit, told me that some benefactor arranged for my early release, even provided me with some gear and some money and asked me to pay a visit to a trading station somewhere on the rim with the promise of answers.

So here I am, a free man, looking to book passage on a freighter on Osiris, a place I used to call home, once upon a time. I need to know why I was betrayed, where Balthasar is and where my ex-wife and daughter are. Hopefully this benefactor can help me.

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» Getting closer all the time...

Posted on 25 Oct 2017 @ 5:33pm by Captain Colton Locke in Sim Announcement

As we're gearing up to launch the game officially, with an advertising roll-out currently in the works, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome both Amy (Zhong Qi) and Zahara (Xiuling Brooke) to the Stellar Flare RPG, as well as bring everyone up to speed on what's happening. While I'm adding the finishing touches to the introductory posts, creating site content, continuing to make skin modifications and jotting down ideas for the first few stories, I'm also looking at beginning the arduous process of advertising and promoting the game for more players. Amy has been a great deal of help in that regard and has offered me some excellent advice on how to promote the game and where to do it, so I'm not really worried about recruitment right now, but if anyone on the crew (now or in the future) has ideas with regard to advertising and promotion, please feel free to contact me. See you around the 'verse.

Latest Mission Posts

» Baptism of Blood

Mission: In the land of the pigs, the Butcher is King
Posted on 12 Jun 2018 @ 12:04am by Captain Colton Locke & Mechanic Jed Grissom & Deck Hand Tabitha & Passenger Xiuling Brooke

"Gah! Son of a-," Grissom snarled as he was shocked for the third time while desperately working to rewire the terminal that would release the clamps locking the Rabbit in place. Around him, all hell was breaking loose as Colt, Xiuling and Shine were busy defending him from what was…

» Belly Of The Beast

Mission: In the land of the pigs, the Butcher is King
Posted on 17 May 2018 @ 1:39am by Captain Colton Locke & Mechanic Jed Grissom & Hired Gun Julius Shine & Passenger Xiuling Brooke

It wasn't long before Colt and Shine had made their way into a large cargo area, similar in size to the one found on the Jack Rabbit. Its contents, however, were vastly different to the cargo currently stowed in the Rabbit's hold. Like the corridor they had ventured down, it…

» Killzone

Mission: In the land of the pigs, the Butcher is King
Posted on 22 Mar 2018 @ 11:27pm by Captain Colton Locke & Mechanic Jed Grissom & Hired Gun Julius Shine & Passenger Xiuling Brooke

Colt checked his ammo stocks as the reavers kept hammering at the airlock door. They'd have to open it soon in order to prevent any damage that would render the galley useless and exposed to the vacuum of space. Plenty for the Winchester and plenty for his sidearm. Beyond that,…

» Calm Before The Storm

Mission: In the land of the pigs, the Butcher is King
Posted on 04 Feb 2018 @ 1:19am by Mechanic Jed Grissom & Passenger Xiuling Brooke

Jed was quite surprised that there was no damage to the engine core or anything else accessible in the Engine Room. Carter had simply removed the catalyzer, perhaps he thought that they would recover the ship at some point, or maybe he didn't want to push his luck in case…

» When The Bell Tolls

Mission: In the land of the pigs, the Butcher is King
Posted on 23 Jan 2018 @ 7:31pm by Captain Colton Locke & Hired Gun Julius Shine




The sound of metal slamming against metal echoed throughout the ship as Grissom stood in the Galley, a gun poised at the airlock door. Fortunately, it was the only airlock that the Reaver's had managed to secure a docking collar over. He prayed that the others had…